MacMillan Longest Day Charity Golf

Macmillan Cancer Support Charity run a yearly event in which teams of 4 play 4 rounds of golf in a day around midsummer. This can be done at any golf club and this year Burhill saw 4 teams of members partake in the event. The teams had originally set out to play on Monday 20th June but after severe weather warnings some delayed until the Tuesday. A special mention has to go Andrew Strange’s team who battled through lightning, thunder and lakes on the greens to finish in time to watch England play football on the 20th. All teams that partook in the challenge must be applauded, starting at 4:30am and finishing around 8:30pm they, on average, walked over 30,000 yards, hit over 320 shots, and lost over 100 golf balls (the third may not be entirely true). To donate to their worthy causes, please see the links below.

From Left to Right: Charles Ranson, Dave Rowland, Mike Turner, Andy Shephard

From Left to Right: Mark Selwood, Colin Moody, Nick Watts, Chris Collins


From Left to Right: Andrew Strange, Sean O’Driscoll, James Davies, Roberto Islas